Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Pic: Denrele in Female Clothing

A lot of people have say the guy is not gay and that he is just a very eccentric fellow. But sometimes, I feel I will wake up one day and hear that he wants to be like Bruce Jenner and turn himself to a woman. Today he walked into a clothing store in South Africa and tried on female clothing. Checkout the collage of pics he put up on Instagram earlier today, and also read what he wrote about his decision to try on the dress.

His words below...

"So for the fun of it...I walked into a female top designer store and decided to try on a couple of stuff!
Heck yeah...My "Ashewo figure" always fits all! And my skin sure looks good...Guessing it's the JoBurg crystal clear weather!
Even if I wore rags, i'l stop traffic!

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